On the Road: Winter Survival Kit for Car

    car driving on rural snowy road

    If you’ve ever been on the road when winter weather sets in, you’re likely aware of just how rough conditions can get. And those conditions often deteriorate fast. One minute, the roads are dry, and the next, freezing rain creates a slick surface, and your windshield starts to ice up. Every winter, pile-ups happen on the interstate. You could be stuck waiting in traffic for hours, and that’s assuming you don’t get your own vehicle stuck by sliding off the road in icy conditions.

    While the best option is just to stay home when winter weather hits, not everyone has that luxury. From unexpected weather during a vacation to everyday commutes for essential workers, winter weather won’t stop everyone from being on the road. All you need to do is make sure you’re properly prepared with a winter survival kit for your car. With the right gear at the ready, you’ll be ready for anything that nature has in store. Read on to discover the best winter survival gear to have in your car.

    Handheld Flashlight

    Sure, your smartphone has a flashlight, but phones can be unreliable – especially during harsh winter weather. With an emergency flashlight (and extra batteries!), you can ensure that you always have a light source. Multi-purpose, you can use them to signal for help, change a flat tire, fix a problem under your car’s hood, and anything else.

    Survival Radio

    Remember how we said smartphones can be unreliable? That’s not a concern when you have a survival radio in your winter survival kit for your car. Designed to work with batteries, hand cranks, or solar power, emergency radios maintain communication even when the grid goes down. Now, you can stay in the know with weather updates in your car and keep up with communication when you need it most.

    First Aid Kit

    survival backpack sitting on the ground outdoors

    A first aid kit is one of the best pieces of winter survival gear – and for year-round use. You never know when or where an emergency may occur on a winter road. Since rain or snow can prevent access to medical care, first aid supplies are necessary so you can be safe and secure until you can reach help. Add a pre-packed first aid kit to your winter survival kit for the car, or customize your own with gauze, gloves, wipes, and more.

    Emergency Food & Water

    While this may not seem necessary considering the situation, you never know how long you’ll be stuck in your car or the cold. If you’re on the interstate or driving down rural roads, the closest town could still be a long way off.

    Food and water are two of your most basic – and critical – survival needs. They’ll also help ensure you have your energy and strength since the winter cold can take its toll. The items that you add to your winter survival kit for your car can vary, but a few great options are water storage options, water filters, and emergency food.


    You may already know how to start a fire in 30 seconds flat, but winter weather can make things a little difficult. A fire starter, another foundational survival tool, helps guarantee that you’ll have fire to signal for help, stay warm, and even prepare food. It’s definitely worth keeping in your car in the winter.

    TheBest Winter Survival Gear

    Don’t wait until the next winter disaster happens. Make sure you’re prepared for anything with a winter survival kit for your car. Your one-stop survival shop, Echo-Sigma gives you options for your emergency preparedness. Pack a ready-to-use emergency kit in your car, or customize your rugged and durable kit with the essentials. Contact our superior customer service if you need help getting started.

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