Surviving the Undead: A Zombie Survival List

    Zombie attacking a house

    Let's be honest — at some point, we’ve all imagined an apocalyptic moment where zombies are swarming the streets, attacking passersby, and causing chaos. With countless zombie-themed movies, video games, and TV shows, we've become familiar with this catastrophic scenario. 

    While zombies are supposed to be a thing of fiction, what if they suddenly exist in real life? Of course, nobody wants to be one of those "side characters" who get bitten first. If you want to be Resident Evil’s Leon Kennedy during a zombie outbreak emergency, here’s a definitive zombie survival list for you!

    Stay Fit

    Zombie outbreaks don't come with a warning, so staying in shape is a good idea. Whether you're dodging the undead or running for your life, good physical condition will give you a significant edge. If there's one thing we've learned from the movies, it's that a zombie apocalypse can be survival of the fittest.

    Form a Group 

    Working in teams is the best way to ensure survival. Gather your family and best buddies — trustworthy individuals who won’t sacrifice you to save themselves — for mutual protection, resource-sharing, and support. Safety in numbers is crucial in case of a zombie attack.

    Zombie chasing survivors

    Plan an Escape Route

    No zombie survival list is complete without advice about careful planning. We’ve all watched movie characters almost making it to the end only to be trapped in a dead end and getting swarmed by zombies. Well, the top zombie survival tip to avoid this is to identify multiple escape routes from your home or location. Familiarize yourself with local streets, paths, and potential safe zones. Also, find a sturdy, well-fortified place to call your new home base.

    Stock Up on Food Supplies

    Remember the Boy Scouts' motto? "Be Prepared." In this list for zombie survival, it is advised that you stay well-stocked on essential supplies to sustain your needs for emergency situations. When the undead are knocking at your door, you don't want to be scavenging for food and water before heading out for safety. We recommend checking out emergency food and water packs for quality nourishment you can quickly grab and go during times of catastrophe — not only during zombie attacks but also during other emergency situations like natural disasters.

    Scavenge Wisely

    We previously mentioned being prepared with emergency supplies. But what if, during the course of your adventure, you run out of them? Of course, we’re not here to provide you with incomplete information on this zombie survival list! If you need to scavenge for supplies, it is suggested that you do it cautiously and with a group if possible. We also suggest having water filters to avoid contamination.

    Zombie survivor scavenging for food

    Prepare a Survival Kit

    Speaking of being prepared, having a handy zombie survival kit will allow you to navigate your surroundings with confidence. Essentials like first-aid supplies, hygiene items, flashlights, batteries, and multi-purpose tools are necessary to ensure your safety during the course of your journey. Additionally, you should consider having a portable charger to keep your electronics from running out of battery.

    Stay Informed

    Last but certainly not least, in this zombie survival list, it is important to stay on top of updates with zombie outbreaks in your area so you can devise an alternative ploy in case your original plan does not work. Sure, zombies might not respect radio silence, but you should. So, it is important to have a portable survival radio on hand so you can stay informed.

    While these zombie survival tips may seem to be inspired by a fictional event, it's always a good idea to be prepared for the unexpected. Sure, the chances of experiencing a zombie attack anytime soon may be slim, but these suggestions are also useful for real-life disasters like typhoons, earthquakes, tornadoes, and more. Readiness and resourcefulness are skills that can be useful in any emergency, so we hope you learned a lot from this zombie survival list. Don’t wait for the next disaster!

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