Be Prepared for Anything with an Emergency Flashlight

    In the age of electricity, it’s easy to overlook something like having light. However, natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes can cause the power to go out in an instant. It’s essential to have a battery-powered flashlight on hand for survival and preparedness. Power up in an emergency with Echo-Sigma. We carry reliable handheld flashlights that offer you and your family the safety and security you need when disaster strikes. Stay prepared at home, camping, or hiking with a survival flashlight!

    Fenix E20 2020 Edition 350 Lumen Handheld Flashlight
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    Fenix LD22 2.0 Edition 800 Lumen Handheld Tactical Flashlight
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    Fenix LD12 320 Lumen Flashlight
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    Adventure Lights Guardian Tag-It Light
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    Fenix HM23 240 Lumen Headlight
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    Light the Way in a Disaster

    Even though it’s incredibly convenient for our day-to-day lives, we can’t always rely on power. What you can rely on are emergency electronics and flashlights. These tools are equipped to help you make the most of any situation and keep your family feeling safe.

    No more scrambling to find candles or remembering if you even have a working flashlight when you’re already in the dark. Be prepared to light the way in any situation by having your survival flashlight easily accessible in your home. 

    Each of your purchases from Echo-Sigma supports the Wounded Warrior Project, assisting our nation’s wounded veterans. 

    Your One-Stop Survival Shop

    Don’t wait for the next disaster; get all the essential gear you need to overcome any situation with Echo-Sigma. We’re your one-stop shop for emergency preparedness, offering everything from first-aid kits to multi-tools. We even carry conveniently pre-packed and customizable survival kit backpacks and bug-out bags for your survival preparedness needs. Get free shipping on your order over $300!

    If you have any questions about our emergency flashlights or other survival gear, please contact us. Our expert customer service is always prepared and happy to help!


    What’s the best source of light in an emergency?

    While some turn to candles when the power suddenly goes out, candles won’t work if you don’t have any matches or there is too much wind or rain. They can also be a fire hazard – not what you want during a disaster. An emergency flashlight provides the light, safety, and security your family needs.

    Are flashlights really necessary?

    It doesn’t take a disaster for the power to go out, but disasters, both large and small, often leave you without power for much longer. Whether you need the light for a few hours or a few days, flashlights are the ultimate survival tool, offering security in the dark, and serving as a tool for those that need to signal for help.

    Are emergency flashlights for home use only?

    No, flashlights are an anytime survival tool! In addition to keeping it around for emergency preparedness, you could also pack one in your bag for camping trips, hiking, backpacking, or any other outdoor excursion.