Stay Prepared for Anything with a Rugged and Durable Emergency Tent

    If an emergency strikes and you’re away from home, shelter is one of your primary concerns. After all, a tent allows you to keep yourself and your belongings safe from the elements. Whether you’re building your own custom kit or purchasing a ready-to-use kit from Echo-Sigma, our tactical tents are an excellent addition to your kit so that you’re prepared just in case, regardless of whether you’re going camping, hiking, or simply making sure you have the right items on hand should you need to make your way somewhere safe.

    Santa Fe Mummy Sleeping Bag 20-30 Degree
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    Coghlan's Emergency Tube Tent
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    Coleman Easy Assemble Three Person Dome Tent
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    Windy Pass Mummy Sleeping Bag 0-14 Degree
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    Naturehike Camping Mini Ultralight Envelope Sleeping Bag
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    Wenzel Ozzie & Harriet Double Sleeping Bag
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    Emergency Tents Designed for Any Situation

    Shelter is a staple for any outdoor adventurer and emergency preparedness-conscious individuals. If you love camping or backpacking and need a larger tent equipped to handle all of your needs, products like the Coleman Easy Assemble Three-Person Dome Tent are excellent to have on hand.

    Looking for something simpler designed for emergency situations, such as if you need to leave your home in the event of a natural disaster? Don’t worry! Tactical tents like Coghlan's Emergency Tube Tent are great as well! No matter which tents help you prepare, you can find a range of rugged and durable items here at Echo-Sigma!

    Plan for the Future with Echo-Sigma

    Echo-Sigma is a family-owned company helping families like yours stay safe and prepared no matter what might be around the corner! With a wide range of products like emergency tents, ready-to-use kits hand-packed right here in the U.S., and even individual camping electronics, we have everything you need to be ready at a moment’s notice. Customize your kit and get free shipping for orders over $300.

    Don’t wait for the next disaster. Prepare your family and learn more about preparedness with the help of Echo-Sigma!


    Why do I need an emergency tent in my survival kit?

    First and foremost, a tactical tent serves as an emergency shelter for you and your loved ones, protecting you from the elements. Tents are also a great way to store food and other essential items that you’ll need during an emergency (keeping them safe from moisture or heat), protect you against bugs and other aspects of nature that could pose a problem if you were sleeping outside, and help you experience a sense of normalcy as you set up a home base.

    What types of tactical shelters are there?

    If you’re looking for something simple, there are bare-bone tents out there that will help you get basic protection from the wind and the rain. However, for dedicated backpackers or campers, there are also tents with more space, more features (like netting for insects), and even separate areas for multiple people.

    Which emergency tent or sleeping bag offers the best protection?

    It depends on your needs! Sleeping bags rated for low temperatures are great for preparing for the unexpected, facing harsh weather in an emergency situation, or during a camping trip. Tactical tents are invaluable tools for protecting you and your outdoor survival gear from the elements in any disaster or excursion.