Maintain Communication in Emergencies with a Survival Radio

    With all of the modern technology available, communication isn’t often a concern for many of us – until a natural disaster or other emergency situation occurs, that is. When the grid goes down, maintaining communication becomes more important than ever. Be prepared for any survival situation with a radio that relies on batteries, solar power, or hand crank, rather than electricity. Stay updated on your situation and keep in contact with family with the survival radios we have for sale at Echo-Sigma!

    Midland ER210 Emergency Multi-Power Radio
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    Midland ER310 Emergency Multi-Power Radio
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    Midland GXT1000VP4 - Two Way Radio Kit
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    Stay in the Loop with Radios 

    During natural disasters and other events, cell towers can go out instantly. Rather than stare at your phone in frustration, keep communication flowing with a survival radio. The survival radios for sale at Echo-Sigma don’t need the grid to help you stay in the loop; multi-power sources give you the communication you can count on, no matter what.

    Don’t wait for the next disaster. Get the radios and other high-quality gear you need for any situation at Echo-Sigma. 

    Protect Your Family in Any Emergency

    As a family-owned company, we understand how important it is to protect your family in emergencies. Echo-Sigma is your one-stop survival shop for you and those you care about. We offer everything you’ll need to stay protected and prepared, from first-aid kits to emergency electronics like our survival radios. 

    Pack your bag with your essential gear from Echo-Sigma and get free shipping on your order over $300!


    Why do I need a survival radio?

    We know they don’t seem necessary because of modern technology (smartphones, anyone?), but cell towers can go down in disaster situations. Radios are a must-have for survival and emergency kits because they provide a way to communicate if/when that happens.

    How do survival radios work?

    Various radios can use different power sources, like batteries (rechargeable or the standard AA), a hand crank function, and even solar power. Some survival radios for sale can use all three!

    How long do radios last?

    Survival radios available for sale today offer a pretty good battery life, often lasting up to 25 hours!

    Will a radio work if the grid goes down?

    Unlike cell phones, smartphones, the internet, and other modern technology, you can count on radios to keep working when the grid is down for the count. Check weather alerts and keep your communication going with the century-old tech when disaster strikes.

    Are survival radios only for emergencies?

    While these radios are definitely a necessity for emergencies, that doesn’t mean you can’t use them in your everyday life. Take it camping, to the beach, to the park, and wherever else you want a radio!