Be Prepared for Survival in Any Conditions with a Fire Starter Kit

    Though you may already be able to start a fire with your eyes closed, natural disasters and less-than-ideal weather conditions can make things tricky. Fire starter kits lend a helping hand, aiding in making that spark come to life. Don’t wait for the next disaster only to struggle to start your much-needed fire. Echo-Sigma carries fire starters great for survival, camping, hunting, and heading on the trail. Survival preparation has never been easier.

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    Fire: The King of Survival

    You’re likely familiar with all of the many ways you can start a fire – putting it into practice is something else entirely. Things happen! But regardless of your conditions, starting that fire is a must. Fire starter kits are your partner in survival.

    No need to tire yourself out trying to create a fire to stay warm, cook, purify water, or get help. Get yours blazing in no time with Echo-Sigma! You can count on our durable fire starters to keep you protected in any survival situation. 

    Your One-Stop Survival Shop

    Make tough situations a little less tough with Echo-Sigma. As your one-stop survival shop, we’ve made it our mission to provide the necessary gear you need for emergencies. Whether you need a fire starter, first-aid kit, or emergency electronics, we’ve got you covered. 

    Make sure your emergency kit is packed with everything you need in a disaster with Echo-Sigma and get free shipping on your order over $300!


    Are fire starter kits worth it?

    You may think that you’re a total pro and have zero use for a fire starter, but they’re more beneficial than you think! Since you never know the conditions you may find yourself in, it’s totally worth it to have a kit as a “just in case” to make starting a fire a breeze.

    Are survival fire starters better than natural materials?

    A natural material like wood and pine cones are great for getting a fire started – until they get wet, that is. There’s no better or worse option; fire starters just come in handy when situations are less than ideal.

    Can I light a match after it’s gotten wet?

    You usually can’t light a wet match because the chemicals have been dissolved, as they can’t ignite or sustain themselves. Waterproof matches can be used again after they’ve been dried out.

    What are easy ways to start a fire?

    You could use natural materials or a fire starter kit. Examples include creating friction with rocks or wood, flint and steel, matches, and lighters.

    What’s the most common survival fire starter?

    Though there are plenty of fire starters out there, nothing beats the most common one of all – classic matches or a lighter paired with kindling.