Echo-Sigma Rucksack + Tech Survival Bag

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    The Echo-Sigma Rucksack + Tech Survival Bag. This first of its kind featuring a Dark Energy Poseidon Pro charging bank, first aid, SOG tools, power charging crank radio, food and water, plus many more items. This mid-sized preparedness kit is your one stop solution for survival with the technology you need to keep you and your devices going.


    It comes complete with the following:

    1. Echo-Sigma cordura water resistant backpack
    2. Dark Energy-Poseidon Pro Power Bank
    3. Compact Trauma kit
    4. Echo-Sigma First Aid Kit
    5. Fenix-HM23 Headlamp
    6. SOG- Power Access Deluxe Multi Tool w/12 piece Hex Bit Kit
    7. Midland er210 Radio
    8. SOG- Parashears
    9. SOG-Trident At with partially serrated blade
    10. Emergency Blanket
    11. Waterproof Matches
    12. Live Fire- sport
    13. Duct tape
    14. Bic Lighter
    15. Compass
    16. 2 Light sticks
    17. Bic Pen
    18. Emergency Poncho
    19. Emergency Mirror
    20. Nalgene -32oz drinking cup
    21. Echo-Sigma Patch
    22. Echo-Sigma Dust Cover
    23. 2.5 Liter Water Hydration Pack
    24. Compact Provision pack 14 water packets 4.225 oz each, 2 ration bars 1200 calories each.
    25. 1 MRE Meal ready to each with Heater included.
    26. Tube tent
    27. Trash Bags
    28. Paracord
    29. 6 Premium AA Batteries
    30. Zip Ties
    31. Work Gloves
    32. KN95 Mask
    33. Hand Sanitizer
    34. Wet Wipes
    35. Magnum Sharpie

    Coyote Brown
    Coyote Brown