The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Survival First Aid Kit

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    It doesn’t matter if you’re an avid outdoor adventurer, frequent hiker, or a regular guy taking the initiative with emergency preparedness; a first aid kit is a great resource for treating minor injuries and preventing major ones. One of the most crucial types of survival gear is your first line of aid before additional help is available – hence the name. Time to grab that first aid kit! But how do you choose the best one for your needs? Use our guide to determine which kit you’ll need.

    Your Personal Best Survival First Aid Kit

    Many choose pre-made survival first aid kits because they can save you time and money – and take the guesswork out of what items to pack (and what not to). The problem: there are various pre-made first aid kits available. The one you choose is dependent on your specific needs. 

    Consider the purpose (hiking, camping, emergency preparedness), your environment/terrain, and the distance you’ll be from civilization. Determining these factors will help guide the basic first aid supplies list you’ll need. After all, the kit for a two-week excursion in the backcountry won’t be the same as a day hike!

    Types of First Aid Kits

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    Compact First Aid Kits

    Intended for treating minor injuries, a compact first aid kit is ideal for tending to minor burns, cuts, splinters, insect stings, and scrapes. Minimalist in content, their basic first aid supplies list usually includes scissors, tweezers, bandages, antiseptic swabs, and other items specifically designed for common injuries that don’t require medical attention.

    The best survival first aid kit for: camping, short hikes, keeping in your car or at home

    Trauma First Aid Kit

    These first aid kits are designed for bleeding control and to treat serious injuries until you can receive professional medical attention, such as in situations where you’re an extended distance from civilization. Trauma kit supplies go beyond what’s typically offered in a basic first aid kit, containing items like a tourniquet, trauma dressing and shears, and nitrile gloves. 

    The best survival first aid kit for: camping, hunting, longer hikes, hikes in rougher terrain, overnight trips, home or car emergency preparedness

    Tactical Trauma First Aid Kit

    Much like a trauma first aid kit, a tactical trauma kit is pre-packed for more serious, life-threatening injuries and situations where you're unable to receive immediate medical care. However, these kits take things a step further with their supplies. It’s always a great idea to be prepared, which is why a trauma kit includes a tourniquet, professional-grade suture kit, and emergency trauma dressing.

    The best survival first aid kit for: hunting, camping, and hiking in rough terrain or remote locations; emergency preparedness

    Be Prepared for Anything with a First Aid Kit

    Don’t wait until the next disaster – get peace of mind with a first aid kit in your home or packed in your bag. Create your own basic first aid supplies list, or save time with one of our pre-packed kits today!

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