Active Shooter Response System - ASRS

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    Prepare for Public Threats With Our Active Shooter Response Bag

    The Echo-Sigma ASRS (Active Shooter Response System) is a top-ranked active shooter bag with the gear you need when a threat is imminent. Designed in conjunction with Federal Law Enforcement, the ASRS is rugged and durable. Stay prepared and customize your gear today!

    The patent-pending Echo-Sigma active shooter bag instantly gears up a first responder to:

    • Engage an assailant
    • Manage the scene
    • Facilitate an evacuation
    • Render emergency first aid on-site
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    • Effective, Pre-Packed Response

      When emergency situations arise, you need a ready solution. The Echo-Sigma ASRS makes responding to an active shooter effortless with a prepared active shooter bag. The ASRS, designed in conjunction with Federal Law Enforcement, has the active shooter response bag contents you need to stay ready and be prepared both before and after an active shooter scenario.

      Make this active shooter bag that is packed by hand in the USA part of your preparedness collection today.

      Trusted Brands
    • Active Shooter Components

      • Double M4/Pistol combination magazine pouch (Magazines not included)
      • 2 ASP Tri-Fold disposable restraints w/pull rings pre-installed
      • ASP Restraint Holster
      • Advanced Wedge-It universal door stops

      Core Essentials

      • Echo-Sigma Get Home Pack
      • Hydration Bladder Drinking System (2 Liter)

      First Aid And Protection

      Tools and Electronics

      Other Components

      • Cable Ties
      • Refuse Bags
      • Basic Survival Guide Book

    Echo-Sigma Keeps You In Control

    There’s nothing more important in an active shooter scenario than being able to stabilize the situation, provide first aid, and take control. Save lives with the loaded active shooter bag. We’ve planned ahead to be sure that a quick grab of the ASRS will have you ready to handle any active shooter scenario. Browse through our selection of tools along with disaster and survival must-haves to add to your equipment roster.

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    Who is this active shooter bag designed for? 

    This active shooter response bag is designed specifically for first responders who want to stay prepared for active shooter situations. Unlike some of our other survival bags, this is not designed for survivalists and preppers. 

    Are there other products in the Echo-Sigma store to prepare me for this type of emergency? 

    All of our specialty kits like the active shooter bag can be customized with further gear found throughout our store. Whether there are specific survival, first-aid, or other types of gear that you believe would be beneficial in your kit, you can easily customize your pack with further equipment so that you’re going in with everything you need. 

    Do I need to prepare anything ahead of time? 

    None of our packs come with loose gear. Everything is packed so that it’s easily accessible and ready to go once you have it in your possession. There is nothing you need to do to prepare your pack unless you wish to add more gear to it. 

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