Emergency Food & Water

    Prepare for Any Emergency with Emergency Food and Water Packs from Echo-Sigma

    There are a lot of ways to prepare for an emergency situation, but one of the most important and basic ways is to stock up on emergency food and water. No matter the situation, you need food and water to maintain your energy, stay level-headed, and navigate whatever you may encounter next at full strength. Here at Echo-Sigma, we offer a wide selection of emergency water packs and food packs so that you have everything you need in the event of an emergency. Whether you’re looking for packs that you can incorporate into your emergency kits or something to store in the home, stay prepared with Echo-Sigma!

    Echo-Sigma Compact Provision Pack (Arid)
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    Echo-Sigma Provision Pack
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    Echo-Sigma Compact Provision Pack (MRE)
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    Echo-Sigma Provision Pack (Arid)
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    MRE -Meals Ready to Eat with Heater
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    120 Serving Entree Wise Food Kit
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    60 Serving Entree Wise Food Kit
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    Emergency Food Packs Designed for Your Needs

    Our food and water packs come with multiple items to help you navigate a crisis. This includes items like:

    • Meals Ready to Eat (MREs), which come with side dishes and heaters
    • Compact food ration bars that are calorie-dense and packed with the nutrients your body needs
    • Packaged pure drinking water that can be stored safely for up to five years
    • Paper napkins
    • And more…

    We also offer bulk emergency food items, like 60 Serving Entree Wise Food Kits. No matter what your emergency kits need, stock up on emergency food packs and water packs here! 

    Be Prepared With Echo-Sigma

    Echo-Sigma is dedicated to helping you prepare for natural disasters, camping trips, and everything in between. Our ready-to-use kits are hand-packed right here in the U.S., and you can easily customize your own kit to ensure you have all the survival tools you need to stay prepared. 

    Echo-Sigma is defined by our superior customer service, the rugged and durable products that we sell, and the wide range of survival tools and goods that we offer. Additionally, a portion of your purchase goes to support the Wounded Warrior Project. 

    Don’t wait for the next disaster. Get prepared with our pre-packed kits or customize your gear today. 


    How do I store my emergency food packs?

    Storage is essential for food and water, especially if you’re looking to extend their lifetime should you not experience any disasters in the near future. Make sure that your rations are stored in a cool, dry place, with temperatures ranging from 32-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Water may also be frozen if you want to make it last longer. 

    How do I use my emergency water packs?

    Emergency water is extremely easy to store and drink from. All water packs come with a resealable cap on the side. Simply screw the cap off, pour the amount of water you need into your cup, and reseal the pack. 

    How do I prepare for emergencies at home?

    Emergency food and water packs and water are great for kits that you store in your vehicle or take with you when you go camping and backpacking. But what about emergency preparedness in the home? You can ensure you’re covered at home too by purchasing bulk meal kits that would be too difficult to carry with you in a bag, ensuring you have enough food for weeks.