How to Build Your Own Evacuation Kit for Fire Season

    fire truck on roadside with wildfire smoke in distance

    Fires are an all-too-common natural disaster from coast to coast. Sometimes occurring at a moment’s notice, they can be extremely damaging and destructive to anything within reach. That’s why it’s crucial to be prepared with a go bag – even if you don’t live in a wildfire-prone state like California or Texas. Don’t know where to get started? Follow our preparedness guide to learn how to build your own go bag for fire evacuation.

    Have a Backup Power & Communications Source

    Communication is key when facing any disaster. While you may have your phone, life is unpredictable. Your battery could drain faster than expected, cell service could go out, and power outages are a definite possibility. You want to keep a backup source in your evacuation kit, so you’re never without power or communication. 

    The solution: a survival radio. These radios are designed with multiple sustainable power sources (hand crank, solar, and rechargeable battery) to keep you updated on fire containment and weather conditions. They even come with a USB connection for charging your devices!

    Keep First Aid for Burns & Heat-Related Injuries

    scissors, tweezers, cotton swabs and first aid kit bag on gray background

    No go bag for fire evacuation is complete without medical supplies. Your first aid kit should have the basics for treating cuts, scrapes, burns, or heat-related injuries. Think gauze, bandages, antiseptics, and pain relief tablets. This will make all the difference until you can receive medical or emergency assistance.

    Just Pack the Essentials

    Though it can be tempting to pack more than necessary, evacuation kits are made for essentials only. Unsure of what that includes? You’ll want a change of (fire-resistant) clothing, a poncho, an N95 or KN95 face mask for smoke protection, copies of important documents (like insurance and medical consent forms), and emergency cash. 

    You should also include toiletries such as toilet paper, toothbrushes and toothpaste, prescription medications, and hand sanitizer.

    Stock an Adequate Supply of Food & Water

    Having an adequate supply of emergency food and water is crucial to ensuring you stay hydrated and energized while you get to safety. Each family member (including pets!) should have two to three days’ worth of emergency food at the ready. Nonperishable food is preferred for evacuation kits; if using shelf-stable perishables, they should be replaced regularly. 

    People and pets should have a supply of approximately 1 gallon of water each day, whether with a provisions pack, survival water filters, or bottled water.

    Include Survival Gear

    Though the best go bags for fire evacuation are lightweight for easier carrying, you should still pack outdoor survival gear for ultimate preparedness and protection. This includes a good multi-tool, emergency flashlight and extra batteries, paracord, and garbage bags. Whether you’re waiting it out in your car or getting to safety, these tools will keep you covered.

    Be Prepared with Echo-Sigma

    Don’t wait for fire season to think about fire safety. As your one-stop survival shop, Echo-Sigma has a complete collection of survival gear and ready-to-use emergency kits to protect the whole family – even your pets. Learn more about preparedness and build your own evacuation kit today!

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