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    Not only do we offer premium quality products, but we package our survival kits and deliver efficient survival bags to ensure you are ready to hit the road fast when you need to.

    Our survival bags are the insurance you need for when the going gets rough. You never know what may happen, but you can do what’s necessary to avoid the worst. Echo-Sigma offers everything from lights, tools, blades, and tactical gear to apparel, sleeping bags, backpacks and more! Customize your own bag for what you need. We have designed the ultimate survival gear and bags to help you get through tough situations.

    Survival Kits Designed for Anything

    We're committed to helping you prepare for the unexpected. From wildfires to hurricanes, Echo-Sigma provides you the survival gear and equipment you need for when disaster strikes. Get ready for everything nature can throw at you today.

    Life can turn on a dime. From fires and earthquakes to hurricanes and tsunamis, you could find yourself without access to power, food, water, and other basic amenities for days. We can’t be out there with you, but you can trust that our experts will make sure you are best prepared for any scenario with our reliable survival gear.

    Echo-Sigma’s strong suit is the attentive construction of our comprehensive, ready to go survival kits. Our all-inclusive kits and bags, designed by experienced outdoor enthusiasts, give you everything you need to survive during trying times. Compact and easy to store, you can keep your emergency kits in the closet or car for quick and easy access to your compact survival kit. Each kit is ready to use upon delivery, saving you time during a disaster.

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    1. Why invest in survival gear?

    No matter where life may take you, being prepared for emergencies can be a great way to protect yourself and your family! Our kits make it easy to prep for any situation, no matter whether you need a bug-out bag, first-aid bags, or beyond.


    2. What do I need in my emergency survival kits?

    Depending on your survival needs, your kit might include essential items like survival knives, sleeping bags, or even water filtration tools to ensure that you have access to fresh water no matter where you might be. Our kits are tailored specifically to a wide range of scenarios, and we offer individual gear to help you build upon your kit for greater preparedness.


    3. Can I customize my kit for any type of emergency?

    Absolutely! Echo-Sigma makes it easy to customize your own kits with the survival gear you need most so you can rest easy knowing you're covered should an emergency arise.

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