From Tents to Tech: Unique Camping Gift Ideas for Dads

    father and son walking on wilderness trail

    Ask Dad what he wants for Father’s Day, and we’re betting he’ll say he doesn’t need anything. Or worse – he’ll like whatever you get him. But here’s the thing he won’t say: he likes some gifts more than others. As an avid camper and all-around outdoorsy man, chances are he’d rather get survival camping gear instead of another run-of-the-mill necktie or gadgets he won’t use. So make Dad even prouder this year with Father’s Day camping gifts!

    Ready-to-Use Survival Kit

    Give Dad the gift of preparedness this year with a survival kit backpack. It's not your average camping gift for Dad; these kits have been packed by hand in the US to include everything he’ll need if the going gets tough. He’ll have crucial items like first aid, a flashlight, a tent/shelter, 550 paracord, and more. It’s like getting 10+ gifts in one!

    Dad’s got options, too! Keep it simple with an Echo-Sigma ready-to-use kit that covers anywhere from 1 to 7 days of survival, or go all out with a specialty, tactical go bag. He can toss it in his car before his next camping trip and easily customize his kit with more outdoor survival gear if he wants to. 

    Tactical Tent

    If you don’t know what camping gifts to get for Dad, you can’t go wrong with the basics! Finding and building a shelter is one of the first priorities in Camping 101, which puts an emergency tent at the top of Dad’s must-haves. These rugged, durable tents will keep Dad covered – literally and figuratively. He’ll be protected from the elements, have a safe space to rest or sleep, and have a way to keep his other survival gear secure.

    Does Dad like to gaze up at the stars as he falls asleep? If so, he’ll appreciate a warm sleeping bag with a lightweight and durable construction!

    Survival Radio

    When it comes to Father’s Day camping gifts, there are few things cooler than a survival radio. What makes them such a great camping gift for dad? They can be powered up multiple ways (solar, hand crank, and rechargeable battery), offer a USB connection for charging his phone, and feature a flashlight for emergency assistance or seeing through the deep wilderness at night. Plus, these radios come with NOAA weather alerts, so you can rest easy knowing Dad’s prepared no matter what.

    Cooking Kit

    three pots on top of campfire

    One of the most quintessential camping activities is cooking with a crackling campfire as the sun goes down (or comes up!). Make sure Dad has the essentials he needs with a survival cooking kit. Basic items he’ll need include a cutlery set, bowl, and stove with fuel. But if he’s looking to test his outdoor cooking skills, we’d recommend a complete cook set or portable grill!

    Finding Camping Gifts for Dad

    Impress Dad this Father’s Day with camping gifts that are as practical as much as they are enjoyable. A family-owned, one-stop survival shop, Echo-Sigma is proud to have an extensive collection of gear you and Dad will love. Shop now and be prepared with Echo-Sigma.

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