Specialty Bug-Out Kits

Tactical Go Bags from Echo-Sigma

Bigger adventures require better planning. Our premium bug-out kits are designed to be specialty kits for your next trip or adventure. Finding yourself without access to power, food, water, and other basic amenities for days or even weeks makes a challenging situation worse. Fortunately, Echo-Sigma designed the ultimate specialty tactical go bags to help you get through difficult situations.

We’ve created specialty kits, aka bug-out kits, to prepare you for whatever situations you may face. We designed these premium tactical go bags for survival with special gear like GPS, two-way radios, power banks, ration bars, MREs, water filtration, lights, sleeping bag, hydration packs, and much more.

The Mother of all Bags - ER2 Emergency Evacuation Kit
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Coyote Brown
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Echo-Sigma 5.11 "Get Lost" Premium Survival Bag + GPS
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Choosing Your Bug-Out Kit

When looking for the right tactical go bag, determine how many people you’re preparing for and count on extra days if you are venturing in a tough-to-get-to area. You can always customize your bug-out kit to match your needs and budget perfectly. And if any of your pets will join your adventure, don’t forget to prepare for them, too; ensure your kits include provisions for your furry friends.

If you’re not sure which premium bug-out kit is suitable for you, contact us. We have emergency preparedness experts on standby to help you find the equipment that best matches the needs of your next adventure or trip.

Specialty Kits from Echo-Sigma

Your specialty bug-out kit comes to you ready to use; no assembly is required. Before sending it to you, we remove any packaging from the items going into the kit, place all the documentation into one water-tight pouch, and organize, arrange, and stow all your gear for easy access in the event of an emergency. Our satisfaction guarantee policy ensures you get a kit that will make you happy so that you can order with confidence.

Being prepared is the best defense for when you find yourself in a challenging situation. We’ve designed our premium kits specifically to meet the needs of any circumstances. Discover our premium, specialty bug-out kits today!