Survival Cooking Kits for Your Emergency Preparedness

    Survival comes down to the basics: shelter, water, and food. During a natural disaster or in the middle of a camping trip, we don’t have easy access to a full set of kitchen essentials. Make sure you’re prepared with the basics with your own cooking gear built for survival. Echo-Sigma carries a variety of equipment like portable grills, cutlery, and stainless steel vessels that you can rely on in tough situations. Pack it in your emergency bag or take them camping or on the trail!

    BioLite Camp Stove 2+ with USB Charging
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    GSI Outdoor 3 Piece Ring Cutlery
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    GSI Outdoor Stainless Steel Cup
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    GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Canister Stove + Fuel
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    GSI Outdoor Stainless Steel Bowl with Handle
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    Wolf and Grizzly- Portable Grill with Fire Kit
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    BioLite Camp Stove 2+ Complete Cook Set
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    Cook from Anywhere, at Any Time

    While it’s smart to pack provisions in survival or camping bags, adding cooking gear is also a good idea. Shelter, along with food, water, and fire, are some of the most critical aspects of survival. Make sure you’re prepared by having a survival cooking kit at the ready!

    Hydration and nutrition are must-haves for clear thinking in emergencies. Cook your food and boil water when you need it most with convenient, reliable cooking gear designed for survival. 

    Each of your purchases at Echo-Sigma helps to support Wounded Warrior, assisting our nation’s severely wounded veterans.

    Be Prepared for Any Disaster

    Don’t wait for the next disaster. As your one-stop survival shop, Echo-Sigma offers everything you need to stay prepared for anything that gets thrown your way. Pack your bag with a first-aid kit, emergency electronics, and tools and lighting, or grab one of our pre-packed emergency kits to get started!

    For questions about which survival cooking kit or other gear will work best for you, please contact us. Our expert customer service is always ready to help support you and your family’s preparedness.

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    What components are necessary for survival?

    Though the items you add to your emergency bag or kit may vary, the basic components that remain the same are shelter, first aid, lighting and communication, sanitation, water/hydration, and food or some sort of cooking kit for survival.

    What type of cooking gear is good for survival?

    The cooking gear you want to have during a survival situation depends on your personal needs and comfort. Some options to include in your backpack are a stainless steel cup or bowl, portable grill, canister stove, or even cutlery. 

    Are survival cooking kits worth having?

    Cooking kits are helpful tools to have in an emergency bag or to take on a camping trip for their ability to provide a convenient and safe way to prepare food.