SOG ParaShears

    Ships in 2-3 Business Days

    The SOG ParaShears are made to be powerful and tough. The fact that this tool was originally designed for use by first responders tells you how useful it is. With the SOG trauma shears, you receive a toolset with 11 different components that can lend a hand with nearly any mission or task. You also get the benefit of Compound Leverage, SOG’s proprietary technology, allowing the ParaShears to cut quickly and effortlessly through a variety of materials.

    • Capable multi-tool
    • Designed for medical applications
    • Lightweight and easy to transport
    • Features 11 different tools

    Perfect Precision

    The SOG ParaShears lend themselves perfectly to careful, precise work, even at a rapid pace. That’s one of the reasons they’re considered ideal for a range of medical applications. The 11-in-1 tool deserves a place in your trauma kit. In addition to powerful shears, the tool boasts:

    • 3Cr steel blade
    • 13-inch and millimeter ruler
    • Line/Strap cutter
    • Glass breaking tool
    • Tweezers
    • #1 Phillips head screwdriver
    • Medium flathead screwdriver
    • Bottle opener
    • Awl
    • Rope cutter

    Be Ready with Echo-Sigma

    Create your own bug-out bag that includes SOG Trauma Shears, Echo-Sigma’s Compact Trauma Kit, and other essential survival gear. They’re helpful on camping trips, road trips, hikes, or survival activities in the woods. Shop our selection for complementary accessories and tools, such as hydration systems and headlamps.

    Prep yourself with the SOG ParaShears. The ParaShears will quickly become the handiest tool in your arsenal.

    Echo-Sigma and Preparedness

    Echo-Sigma has everything you need in the way of emergency preparation. The SOG ParaShears are just one example of our high-quality survival equipment. Emergencies can strike at any time, but you can feel confident that your family will be ready with Echo-Sigma.