Sasquatch Seeker Survival Bag

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    Venture into the heart of the wilderness with the Sasquatch Seeker Survival Bag, your resilient companion on every trail. Crafted for the audacious explorer, this survival bag is more than just a gear—it's a statement of your untamed spirit. Our ready-to-use survival bag is equipped with all the Sasquatch gear you’ll need for hunting the legendary creature.

    • Condor- Black urban GO pack
    • Backpack tent
    • Sleeping Bag-lightweight 
    • Night vision goggles
    • SOG power pint multi-tool
    • See the contents details below for a complete list

    Finding Sasquatch is no easy feat – many have tried. But with the crucial Sasquatch gear you need to make your way through the thick wilderness brush he’s hiding in, you’re covered. Be prepared to hunt day or night, fuel up, and stay safe with a complete collection of trusted gear. Our Sasquatch bag is your complete survival specialty kit, ideal for everything from hunting the legendary creature to camping and emergency preparedness.

    • Zip Ties
    • Waterproof Matches
    • Duct Tape
    • Live Fire
    • Water Tabs
    • Emergency Poncho
    • Goggles
    • Work Gloves
    • Hand Saw
    • Lumin Aid Light
    • Bug Lit Light
    • Thermal Bivvy
    • Collapsable Sink
    • Sharpie
    • Sasquatch Soap
    • After Bite
    • Hand Sanitizer
    • Ben's Bug Protection
    • Bath Wipes
    • First Aid Kit
    • Field Trauma Kit
    • Bear Spray
    • Tourniquet
    • Lifestraw Coffee
    • VSSL Coffee Grinder
    • Folding Funnel
    • Aeropress Go
    • Stainless Steel Cup
    • Biolight Campstove 2+
    • Yeti Rambler
    • 3 AA Batteries
    • Tools
    • SOG Parashears
    • Night Vision Goggles
    • SOG Power Pint Multi-tool
    • Fenix Headlamp
    • Food and Water
    • Compact Provision Pack
    • MREs (2)
    • Bag
    • Condor- Black Urban GO Pack
    • Backpack Tent
    • Sleeping Bag-Lightweight

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    This is the kit that you know you need, but haven't had the time to put together yourself.

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    Survival the Echo-Sigma Way

    Echo-Sigma is a family-owned company that specializes in custom, ready-to-use survival kits and gear. Whether you choose to save time with one of our pre-packed kits, like the Sasquatch bag, or customize your own kit, you can always trust in the quality and durability of our gear. All purchases support Wounded Warrior, giving back to our nation’s veterans.


    Hunting Bigfoot, of course! But if venturing out on an epic search for the elusive Sasquatch isn’t on the horizon for you, the bag is ideal for any survival purposes. You can use it for hunting trips, camping trips, and emergency preparedness.

    We’ve pre-packed this survival bag with essential Sasquatch gear so that you don’t need to add anything else. It has food, water, coffee, a first aid kit, and other must-have tools that keep you prepared for whatever comes your way. As always, you can feel free to shop for more gear (or back-ups) you think you’ll need, like emergency electronics or another multi-tool

    It’s essentially a survival bag that helps you prepare for the conditions and situations that you may encounter in the rugged outdoors – whether you’re hunting Bigfoot or need support during an emergency. It has your main survival needs, including food, water, and shelter.