Whether you are planning a camping trip or need a compact and portable emergency tent for your survival kit, Echo-Sigma has you covered. Staying warm and dry can be the difference between life and death, so we specialize in easily set up tents with durable, weatherproof materials. For a practical emergency tent shelter that can double as a vacation buddy, shop Echo-Sigma!

    Coghlan's Emergency Tube Tent
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    Coleman Easy Assemble Three Person Dome Tent
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    Emergency Tents Shelters That Move With You

    Regardless of whether you are camping for fun or due to an emergency, reliable shelter is a must. The nature of camping implies that you are on the go, meaning you need a tent that can be easily packed and carried long distances. A shelter from Echo-Sigma can be set up in minutes and folded up to fit in a bag.

    For a tent that sleeps two people, see Coghlan’s Emergency Tube Tent, which also serves as a groundsheet or tarp. The Coleman Easy Assemble Three Person Dome Tent accommodates a more luxurious camper or survivor. Fit a queen airbed inside this emergency tent and make use of an E-Port to more easily access electricity.

    Be Ready for Anything With Echo-Sigma

    Seasoned preppers, those just getting started with emergency planning, and campers can find what they need at Echo-Sigma from an emergency tent shelter to a first-aid kit. We have top gear, superior customer service, and free shipping on orders over $300 to ensure that you get the equipment you need.

    We’re a family-owned company that hand-packs every single order. Proceeds also go towards supporting the Wounded Warrior Project with every purchase. You don’t just get quality tactical gear when you shop Echo-Sigma — you support a community of patriots.




    Are Tents Good for Survival?

    While we might first think of food, water, and first aid in an emergency, the elements often get you first. Cold, heat, and wind can damage our bodies and even kill, so it’s essential to add a weather-proof tent to your survival kit.


    What Is a Survival Tent?

    It may seem like a tent is a tent, but survival tents are made with sturdiness and reliability in mind. This means they are strong enough to withstand winds and rough weather but can also be folded up and carried on a trek. Prioritize an emergency tent with a simple setup, as you probably won’t want to follow a complex set of instructions in a dire situation.


    Are Emergency Tents Reusable?

    Yes. While some important emergency gear, like first aid supplies, is certainly not reusable, Echo-Sigma’s tent gear is made from polyethylene and durable, polyguard fabric so that it can be reused for many seasons.