Everyday Coffee Bag

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    Get Your Morning Coffee Fix from Anywhere

    Don’t let anything stop you from indulging in your daily coffee – even in a natural disaster or emergency. Brew a steaming cup of joe anytime, anywhere, with the Everyday Coffee Bag from Echo-Sigma. This ready-to-use coffee brewing kit comes with everything you need to stay on the grind.

    • VSSL Coffee Grinder
    • Complete coffee survival kit
    • Essential tools for on-the-go coffee brewing
    • Fully assembled bag
    • Emergency Coffee – ASAP

      Being away from your home brewing system and favorite local shops doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy your daily cup (or two!) of coffee. Be your own barista with your very own coffee brewing kit that keeps you equipped with your go-to beverage in any emergency. 

      There’s no packing required for your Everyday Coffee Bag; it comes ready to use with all your coffee brewing essentials like filters, a lighter, and a coffee scoop. Designed for easy access and brewing, this kit is just what you need to get your coffee ASAP – regardless of your location or situation. 

      This on-the-go coffee survival kit from Echo-Sigma is ideal for camping, hiking, fishing, backpacking, or even adding to an emergency preparedness kit!

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    • Contents

      • Everyday Coffee Bag
      • AeroPress Micro Filters
      • AeroPress Plunger and Chamber
      • Coffee Scoop
      • Lighter
      • Insulated Bottle
      • Filter Cap
      • VSSL Coffee Grinder
      • Filter Holder
      • Stirrer

    Survival the Echo-Sigma Way

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    Can you still make coffee in an emergency?

    Caffeine lovers, rejoice! If you find yourself in a survival situation, you can still enjoy a nice, hot cup of joe with a bit of help from a portable coffee brewing kit. Add it to your backpack or carry it on its own to always be prepared with your coffee-brewing essentials. 

    Is it worth it to have a coffee brewing kit?

    If you are a daily coffee drinker, having a brewing kit on hand is extremely beneficial, especially when you don’t have access to your at-home method. They provide everything you need to make coffee from anywhere, at any time.

    Are brewing kits only for emergencies?

    Brewing kits have a variety of uses outside of disasters. Besides being handy for emergencies, you could also bring your Everyday Coffee Bag with you on camping trips, fishing trips, hiking, or any other outdoor excursion. You can even use it at home if the power goes out!