Echo-Sigma VSSL Coffee Grinder

    Ships in 2-3 Business Days

    The Echo-Sigma JAVA is the ultimate manual coffee grinder that makes every morning more enjoyable. VSSL developed a uniquely integrated dual purpose extendable grinder handle, allowing for a smooth and effortless rotation allowing for a precise grind. The magnetic handle attachment and pop-off top make it easy to load your beans, and the stainless steel bearings ensure a consistent grind size every time without the “wobble” inferior grinders produce. In under a minute, JAVA can produce 20 grams of grinds – just right for one cup of tasty coffee. When the extendable handle is not deployed, it locks into a carabiner position for a compact and secure carry solution. 


    Material: Water Resistant Aircraft Grade Aluminum

    Dimensions: 6.2” Tall / 2” Diameter

    Weight: 12.7 oz (360g)

    Capacity: ~20g Grind Capacity