Active Shooter Response System - ASRS

Designed in conjunction with Federal Law Enforcement officers, the Echo-Sigma Active Shooter Response System (ASRS) provides the tools and gear that you need to properly approach an Active Shooter scenario.

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  • Drawing on our experience building the best emergency kits in the world, we set out to design a system that combines capability, portability and economy. While ASRS has a very specific mission, there is enough “emergency kit” left over for ASRS to serve double duty as an emergency survival kit as well. This multifaceted utility allows you to check off two “need” boxes with one robust system.

    The patent pending Echo-Sigma ASRS instantly gears up a first responder to:

    • Engage an assailant
    • Manage the scene
    • Facilitate evacuation
    • Render emergency first aid care on-site

    Kit Highlights

    echo-sigma-food 2 Liter Hydration Bladder
    echo-sigma-army-knife SOG Escape Folding Knife
    SOG S62 Multi Tool
    echo-sigma-flashlight Fenix 320 Lumen Handheld Tactical Flashlight
    Fenix 150 Lumen Headlamp
    echo-sigma-first-aid-kit Echo-Sigma Ultimate Trauma Kit
    Echo-Sigma Compact First Aid Kit
    Tac-Med Poleless Casualty Evacuation Litter
    echo-sigma-tent Emergency Cocoon Sleeping Bag

    You get all of this on top of your standard eye/mouth/hand protection, fire starting, water purification and much much more!

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    No Assembly Required

    As with all critically acclaimed Echo-Sigma Emergency kits, your gear arrives at your door fully assembled and configured. ASRS is ready to be deployed on the spot.

    We've done all the hard work for you. This includes:

    1. Packaging removed from all items.
    2. Documentation consolidated into water tight packaging.
    3. All items arranged, organized and stowed. Ready for fast access in case of emergency.
    No Assembly Required


    "This is, literally, a life-saver you carry with you. I can’t recommend their gear enough. And that’s as honest as I can get. I’m impressed."

    -- American Cop Magazine, Editors Pick

    "Echo-Sigma can make a huge difference when the going gets nasty... It's a bit of insurance that no one should be without."

    -- Recoil Magazine

    This is the kit that you know you need, but haven't had the time to put together yourself.

    Get it done now with one click. Get it done right with Echo-Sigma.

  • Your Active Shooter training will tell you exactly how you will need these specialized components that define the ASRS.

    Custom configurations are available with minimum order quantities. Payment terms are available for qualifying agencies.

    Active Shooter Components

    Double M4/Pistol combination magazine pouch (Magazines not included)
    2 ASP Tri-Fold disposable restraints w/pull rings pre-installed
    ASP Restraint Holster
    Advanced Wedge-It universal door stops

    Core Essentials

    Echo-Sigma Get Home Pack (View Details)

    Depending on the situation, sometimes staying put just isn't an option. For those times, you'll need the right gear in order to go foot mobile. Echo-Sigma's Get Home Pack is purpose built to be able to carry everything you need for a 3 day excursion. Spacious, modular, tough and comfortable is how we'd describe it! Featuring four compartments, most with organizers and zippered pockets, give you unlimited options when it comes to stashing and stowing your gear however you'd like.

    Key features include:

    1. Stress Point Reinforced Stitching keeps things from coming apart at the wrong time
    2. Hydration Compatible (2.5 liter system INCLUDED) so you won't need to stop for your water break
    3. Organizer Panels and zippered pockets let you organize your gear for fast access
    4. 1 large main zippered compartment with pouch and mesh pocket
    5. 3 additional pockets
    6. Adjustable padded shoulder straps
    7. Waist strap
    8. Padded back with breathable mesh backing
    9. Self repairing zippers
    10. Carry handle
    11. Name Tag/Morale patch panel
    12. Volume: 2524
    13. Weight: 4 lbs.
    Hydration Bladder Drinking System (2 Liter)

    First Aid And Protection

    Echo-Sigma Ultimate Trauma Kit v2 with multiple CAT tourniquets, shears, gauze and more (View Details)

    Whether you're in the field or at the range, sometimes fate strikes at the worst time. Having the right tools to be able to stabilize a traumatic hemorrhagic injury can mean the difference between life or death.

    Being Echo-Sigma, we had to take it one step further. Given the potential scarcity of medical help during a wide spread emergency event, we've also included a Suture Kit from Adventure Medical that allows you to patch yourself up assuming you have the know-how.

    Key features include:

    • 1 Condor Outdoor MA41 Rip-Away EMT Pouch
    • 2 C.A.T. Combat Tourniquet
    • 1 Celox RAPID Hemostatic Gauze
    • 1 Trauma Shears
    • 1 N.A.R. Emergency Trauma Dressing 6”
    • 2 N.A.R. Compressed Gauze
    • 4 Pair N.A.R. Black Talon Nitrile Gloves
    • 1 Sharpie Brand Permanent Marker
    • 2 Rolls Adhesive Dressing Tape
    • 1 Adventure Medical Suture/Syringe Kit
      • 1 Pair of Gloves, Nitrile, Hand Wipe
      • 1 Angiocatheter, 18G X 1 ¼”
      • 1 Needle, Disposable, Sterile, 18G X 1 ½”
      • 1 Needle, Disposable, Sterile 21G X 1 ½”
      • 1 Needle, Disposable, Sterile, 25G X 5/8”
      • 1 Suture, Nylon, 5-0
      • 1 Syringe, 1 cc with Needle
      • 1 Syringe, Luer Lok, 3ml
      • 3 After Cuts & Scrapes Anethestic/Antiseptic Wipe
      • 4 Alcohol Swabs
    Echo-Sigma Compact First Aid Kit (View Details)

    Having quickly accessible first aid is key to taking care of yourself and being self reliant in the event of an emergency. Every Echo-Sigma Emergency Bug-Out-Bag comes with a first aid kit that is stuffed with the tools you need to take care of the most common ailments that you'll run into in an emergency. Packed with features yet still light in weight in case you need to move on foot.

    Key features include:

    1. 4" scissors
    2. 3" tweezers
    3. first aid card
    4. 20 plastic bandages
    5. 12 alcohol swabs
    6. 10 wet wipes
    7. 10 antiseptic swabs
    8. 3 sting relief swabs
    9. 4 pain relief tablets
    10. 2 3"x3" sterile gauze pads
    11. 2"x5yd. gauze roll
    12. 5"x9" sterile abdominal dressing
    13. 0.5"x2.5yd. roll of tape
    14. Access to 14 exclusive online training videos
    Tac-Med Poleless Casualty Evacuation Litter
    Echo-Sigma Compact Survival Kit (View Details)

    A compact storehouse of many of the smaller items that can be easily lost if not given extra consideration. The Echo-Sigma Compact Survival Kit packs quite a punch when it comes to utility and efficiently using pack space.

    Key features include:

    1. Compass
    2. Emergency Whistle
    3. Emergency Blanket by Coghlan's
    4. BIC Brand Butane Disposable Lighter
    5. Magnesium Fire Starter with Flint Striker
    6. 40 Waterproof Matches by Coghlan's
    7. Live Fire Sport Emergency Fire Starter
    8. 50 Inches of Duct Tape
    9. Bottle of Water Purification Tablets by Coghlan's
    10. 2 Chemical Light Sticks by Coghlan's
    11. 2 BIC Brand Ball Point Pens
    12. Pad of Paper
    13. Pair of Earplugs
    2 N95 Rated Respirator Dust/Particulate/Contagion Masks to keep you SAFE
    Thermal Sleeping Bag Cocoon by Survival Industries to keep you WARM
    2 Hand Warmers by Coghlan's to keep you WARM
    Plexiglass Mirror for signaling HELP

    Tools and Electronics

    SOG S62 Power Lock Multi Tool with Pliers, Knife, Screwdrivers and more (View Details)

    If you need to bug out, taking your tool chest may be nice, but not terribly light or convenient. Luckily you can carry an exceptional tool set in one hand with a SOG multi-tool.

    The SOG Specialty Knives & Tools S62N-CP PowerLock V-Cutter Multi-Tool is packed with (18) essential tools for cutting, gripping, personal care and the unexpected, while still being lightweight and compact for easy carrying.

    Key Features Include:

    • Pliers/gripper
    • Hard wire cutter
    • Crimper
    • Double-toothed wood saw
    • Half-serrated blade
    • Three-sided file
    • Large flat-head screwdriver
    • Phillips screwdriver
    • Can opener/small flat-head screwdriver
    • Bottle opener/medium flat-head screwdriver
    • Rulers
    • Awl
    • V-Cutter
    • 1/4-inch driver
    • Lanyard ring
    • Nylon carrying pouch
    SOG Escape Folding Knife with integral glass breaker and seatbelt cutter
    Waterproof Tactical LED Flashlight by Fenix (300 Lumen) (View Details)

    One of the most important pieces of gear that you will need at your fingertips during an emergency is a good, solid flashlight. Inexplicably, most "emergency kit" corner cutting hits the flashlight the hardest. Brightness, durability, duration and flexibility are the hallmarks of quality lighting systems and Fenix lights hit all of the right marks on all counts. Staying safe and productive during nighttime hours is essential, these are the tools you'll need.

    Key Features Include:

    1. Cree X-G (R5) LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
    2. Four Brightness Levels:
    3. 300 Lumens (1 hour 25 minute runtime)
    4. 100 Lumens (7 hour 10 minute runtime)
    5. 30 Lumens (25 hours runtime)
    6. 5 Lumens (100 hours runtime)
    7. Tactical Strobe and S.O.S. flashing modes
    8. Highly efficient smooth reflector with focus-adjustable head - throws beam over 100 meters
    9. Uses two 1.5V AA (Alkaline, Ni-MH, Lithium) batteries, inexpensive and widely available
    10. 166mm (Length) x 21.5mm (Diameter)
    11. Made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum
    12. Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
    13. 60-gram weight (excluding batteries)
    14. Waterproof to IPX-8 Standard
    15. Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating
    16. Tactical tailcap switch with momentary-on function
    Fenix HL23 LED Headlamp (150 Lumen) (View Details)

    One of the most important pieces of gear that you will need at your fingertips during an emergency is a good, solid flashlight. Inexplicably, most "emergency kit" corner cutting hits the flashlight the hardest.

    Brightness, durability, duration and flexibility are the hallmarks of quality lighting systems and Fenix lights hit all of the right marks on all counts. Staying safe and productive during nighttime hours is essential, these are the tools you'll need.

    Key Features Include:

    • Uses Cree XP-E (R4) LED and Nichia red light LED, with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
    • Maximum 120-Lumen output with a throw of 90 meters and 55 hours on low setting
    • 3 Brightness Levels and SOS (45 Lumens)
    • High - 150 Lumens
    • Mid - 45 Lumens
    • Low - 3 Lumens
    • Digitally-regulated output maintains constant brightness
    • 60-degree tilt mechanism
    • Fast, convenient all-in-one button switch
    • Reverse polarity protection guards against improper battery installation
    • Made from durable aluminum alloy and performance pastic
    • Premium Type III hard-anodized, anti-abrasive finish
    • Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating
    • IPX-6 Water Resistant Rating (Protected against heavy splash and rain)
    50 Feet of Military Grade 550 Paracord (View Details)

    550 Grade Military Grade Paracord is one of the most versatile items that you can carry with you in any situation. Legendary for its many uses, you shouldn't leave home without it. The 550 in the designation denotes its rated strength (550lbs). The outer shell is rated for 200lbs while the 7 internal strands are rated for 50lbs each.

    Key features include:

    1. Lashing items to vehicles or packs
    2. Ascending or descending slopes
    3. Building wind breaks or supplemental shelters using sheeting or tarps
    4. Hanging food or other "bear bait" up in a tree
    5. Clothes drying line
    6. Slings for injured limbs
    7. Compression for wound care
    8. Snares and traps
    9. Shoelaces, belts and suspenders
    10. Fishing line (internal strands)
    11. Sewing thread (internal strands)
    12. Temporary vehicle fan belt
    13. Replacement zipper pull tabs
    14. ...The list goes on and on.
    10 Extra Large Zip Ties (View Details)

    Sometimes it's the least likely thing that becomes invaluable when you're out in the field.

    Zipties can ...

    1. Secure tent shell to poles
    2. Attach items to your vehicle or pack
    3. Temporarily fix buckles or other attachment points
    4. Fix snapped zipper pulls
    5. Secure zipper pulls together to "lock" a bag against the unprepared thief
    6. Plastic bag closure/seal
    4 Chem Lights in main pack (+2 more in survival kit)
    4 Premium AA Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries (guaranteed fresh for 10 years)

    Other Components

    Cable Ties
    Refuse Bags
    Basic Survival Guide Book