Santa Fe Mummy Sleeping Bag 20-30 Degree

    Ships in 2-3 Business Days

    When the temperature starts to drop, nothing beats a real deal sleeping bag. Your typical backpack emergency kits might include a mylar emergency blanket which may be adequate for preventing shock in an injured party, but it's no replacement for the real warmth and security provided by real sleeping bag.

    The Santa Fe sleeping bag is a synthetic filled mummy bag rated for comfort 20 -30 degrees Fahrenheit. Synthetic fill guarantees that the bag won't lose it's insulating power, even when wet. The efficient Mummy form factor reduces weight and bulk, allowing you to pack more food, water and gear. A two piece compression sack is included for easy management and stowage on your packs when it's time to roll out.

    Key features include:

    1. Keeps you comfortable 20 degrees - 30 degrees Farenheit
    2. Fits most up to 6'3"
    3. Mummy sleeping bag, 33" x 84"
    4. 3lbs of Micro Tekk Z1 performance insulation
    5. Diamond ripstop outer resists tears
    6. Double layer offset quilt construction eliminates potential cold spots
    7. Contoured surrounds head with warmth
    8. Full chest baffle and draft tube
    9. Chest baffle and insulated draft tube locks out chilly drafts
    10. Side gussets for drapability and comfort
    11. 2-piece compression sack included
    12. Machine washable.