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    Get Survival Ready

    You have to expect the unexpected when you’re out in the wild. It’s not unlikely to drift off the path you’ve set for yourself or come across a situation where you need emergency supplies. Our ALICE backpacks are perfect, with zippered compartments, adjustable shoulder straps, breathable mesh backing, and more. Available in various colors, these are your must-have accessories when venturing into the great outdoors. Echo-Sigma is your destination for modular backpacks, emergency kits, survival accessories, and more. 

    Total of four compartments:

    • Main compartment: 18" x 10" x 5" with one zipper and one mesh pocket.
    • 2nd compartment 15" x 8" x 2"
    • Front top compartment: 4" x 7" x 2.5"
    • Front bottom compartment: 10" x 8" x 2.5"
    • Hydration compatible
    • VOLUME : 1362 CU inches

    Modular Backpacks for Your Survival 

    Gone are the days when you would have to think about eating grass when lost. Echo-Sigma’s modular backpacks contain multiple compartments that can store meals and are hydration bladder-compatible. 

    Multiple compartments with zippers also mean better organization; you definitely won’t be fumbling trying to find your supplies. Breathable mesh backing keeps you cool, which is necessary when you’re going long distances in a warm climate. Carry everything from your sleeping bag to first-aid kits, so you’re prepared for anything that comes your way with Echo-Sigma. 

    "This is, literally, a life-saver you carry with you. I can’t recommend their gear enough. And that’s as honest as I can get. I’m impressed."

    -- American Cop Magazine, Editors Pick

    "Echo-Sigma can make a huge difference when the going gets nasty... It's a bit of insurance that no one should be without."

    -- Recoil Magazine

    This is the kit that you know you need, but haven't had the time to put together yourself.

    Get it done now with one click. Get it done right with Echo-Sigma.

    Names you know. Brands you trust.

    Overcome Emergencies with Echo-Sigma

    There’s nothing like having peace of mind, especially in times of crisis. With Echo-Sigma, you can protect yourself and your family during unexpected situations. 

    As proud patriots, we support wounded warriors with your every purchase. Our superior customer service helps you find the products you need. We provide free shipping on orders above $300, and save your time by providing pre-made kits for emergencies, hikes, and other outdoor activities! Our rugged and durable products are designed to survive tough situations, so you never need to compromise on your peace of mind, even during tough times. 


    This type of backpack has a lot of ‘modules’ (or pouches) that can be attached to the primary backpack as and when needed. It is adaptable enough to hold as many or as few items as you need. The Echo-Sigma modular backpack is compatible with a hydration bladder and other ALICE attachments. 

    ALICE (all-purpose lightweight individual carrying equipment) was an equipment attachment system that was adopted by the military in the 1970s but has been discontinued. But many people still prefer this system, especially with backpacks, because it can withstand harsh conditions and can provide a balanced load for your body to carry. 

    Some ideal accessories for a modular backpack include a hydration bladder, water filter, and drawstring bags to attach to your backpack. You can also consider investing in a sleeping bag if your trip includes you staying out overnight.