Emergency Poncho

Emergency Poncho
Stay Dry from the Rain with our most popular selling lightweight, disposable, emergency waterproof rain ponchos at the most economical price. These ponchos have been a Customer Favorite for Years.  With the choice of 10 fun colors, you can cheer on your favorite team, band, school, university and more by matching the color to them! Our Clear Color is the most popular which allows you to still see the color of your uniform or clothing underneath. Each poncho is individually packaged in a small zip lock style bag to easily fit in your pocket as an emergency on a rainy day. These individual packaged ponchos are also very easy to pass out or toss to large groups of people during marathons, band concerts, graduations, camping trips, disney world vacations, tours, waterparks, and so many other outdoor activities where you would like to protect yourself and clothing from the rain. This cheap and inexpensive disposable rain poncho is the ideal Choice! Stock up and save today.

  • Adults One Size Fits All
  • 40" Long x 50" Wide.