Echo-Sigma Handy Bag

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    Your Emergency Tool Kit

    Searching for a bag that can do it all? This versatile bag of bug out equipment guarantees you’ll be ready in any situation.

    • 11-in-1 Screwdriver
    • Cats Paw/Crowbar Tool
    • Folding Saw
    • Magnetic Wall Stud Finder
    • Coast Flashlight
    • And More!
    • Be Ready Whenever, Wherever

      Ever feel like you're always prepared for everything except the unexpected? With Echo-Sigma's Handy Bag and other emergency tool kits, you can be ready for those mystery disasters without spending hours building your own!

      Whether you're at a baseball field, campground, or friend's house, this bag is a must-have for any situation. Leave it in your car so you're always prepared for whatever comes your way.

      This bag is packed with all the emergency gear you need, from fire starting tools to water purification. Plus, it comes with all the standard eye, mouth, and hand protection you need against irritants. So don't wait —get your Handy Bag today!

      Top Survival Gear and First Aid Kit Brands

      No Assembly Required

      We've done all the hard work for you. This includes:

      1. Packaging removed from all items.
      2. Documentation consolidated into water tight packaging.
      3. All items arranged, organized and stowed. Ready for fast access in case of emergency.
      No Assembly Required


      "This is, literally, a life-saver you carry with you. I can't recommend their gear enough. And that's as honest as I can get. I'm impressed."

      -- American Cop Magazine, Editors Pick

      "Echo-Sigma can make a huge difference when the going gets nasty... It's a bit of insurance that no one should be without."

      -- Recoil Magazine

      This is the kit that you know you need, but haven't had the time to put together yourself.

      Get it done now with one click. Get it done right with Echo-Sigma.

    • Core Essentials

      Condor Utility Bag


      Speed Square
      Lineman's Pliers
      Screw Set 150 Piece
      Tape Measure 12 f
      11-in-1 Screwdriver
      4-way Utility Key
      Channel Lock
      Emergency Gas & Water Shut Off Tool
      Universal Socket Tool
      Magnetic Wall Stud Finder
      Cats Paw/Crowbar Tool
      Allen Wrench Set
      Folding Saw
      Coast Flashlight


      Gerber Dime Microtool with Pliers, Knife, Screwdrivers and more (View Details)

      If you need to bug out, taking your tool chest may be nice, but not terribly light or convenient. Luckily you can carry an exceptional tool set in one hand with a Gerber microtool.

      The spring-loaded pliers are easy to use and lock closed when not in use. Don't get caught unprepared by carrying it in your everyday pack or pocket. Components include pliers, soft wire cutter, gripper, large flat screwdriver, 2-sided file, small flat screwdriver, bottle opener, straight blade, & Phillips screwdriver.

      Gerber Dime Microtool

      Key Features Include:

      • Blade (Straight)
      • Bolt/Nut Gripper
      • Bottle Opener
      • File
      • Flat Screwdriver (Large)
      • Flat Screwdriver (Small)
      • Phillips Bit
      • Pliers
      • Wire Cutter (Soft)
      Putty Knife
      Utility Knife w/ Clip


      Super Glue
      Electrical Tape
      (10) Extra Large Zip Ties (View Details)

      Sometimes it's the least likely thing that becomes invaluable when you're out in the field.

      Zipties can ...

      1. Secure tent shell to poles
      2. Attach items to your vehicle or pack
      3. Temporarily fix buckles or other attachment points
      4. Fix snapped zipper pulls
      5. Secure zipper pulls together to "lock" a bag against the unprepared thief
      6. Plastic bag closure/seal

    Protect your family

    Emergencies can happen at any time and being prepared is the key to survival. That's why we've put together this amazing Handy Bag full of essential bug out equipment for any situation.

    You'll be able to face anything head on with this comprehensive emergency tool kit that has everything you need. With Echo-Sigma, you know you're getting the best quality equipment and preparation tools available.

    Purchase your Handy Bag today so you’ll be safer tomorrow!