Echo-Sigma Runner 24 Hour Emergency Fire and Earthquake Kit

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  • Echo-Sigma Runner 24 Hour Emergency Fire and Earthquake Kit
  • Echo-Sigma Runner 24 Hour Emergency Fire and Earthquake Kit
  • Echo-Sigma Runner 24 Hour Emergency Fire and Earthquake Kit
  • Echo-Sigma Runner 24 Hour Emergency Fire and Earthquake Kit
  • Echo-Sigma Runner 24 Hour Emergency Fire and Earthquake Kit
  • Echo-Sigma Runner 24 Hour Emergency Fire and Earthquake Kit
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  • Echo-Sigma Runner 24 Hour Emergency Fire and Earthquake Kit
  • Echo-Sigma Runner 24 Hour Emergency Fire and Earthquake Kit
  • Echo-Sigma Runner 24 Hour Emergency Fire and Earthquake Kit
  • Echo-Sigma Runner 24 Hour Emergency Fire and Earthquake Kit
  • Echo-Sigma Runner 24 Hour Emergency Fire and Earthquake Kit
  • Echo-Sigma Runner 24 Hour Emergency Fire and Earthquake Kit


The Echo-Sigma Runner is a compact disaster preparedness kit that is designed for individuals who either want to stay super mobile or add emergency Fire and Earthquake kit features to their existing compliment of gear. The entire pack is MOLLE compatible for attachment to an existing pack OR you can use the included backpack straps for use as a stand-alone backpack. The choice is yours.

The Echo-Sigma Runner provides the core functionality that you need to stay upright in case of emergency. The entire kit arrives at your door completely pre-configured and ready to go out of the box.
Pre-configured and ready means:
  • Packaging removed from all items.
  • Documentation consolidated into water tight packaging.
  • All items arranged, organized and stowed. Ready for fast access in case of emergency.

This is the kit that you've known you need.
Do it once, do it right with Echo-Sigma.

  • 1 HCB Pack by Condor Outdoor
  • 1 Modular MOLLE Compatible Utility Pouch by Condor Outdoor
  • 1 Echo-Sigma Micro Provision Pack
    • 3 Food Ration Bars (400 Calories each and nutritionally fortified)
    • 1 Liter of 5 Year Storage Pure Drinking Water
    • No storage requirements

    We use both AquaBlox and Mainstay brand drinking water products depending upon availability. Pack contents may differ from what is shown.
  • 1 Echo-Sigma Compact Survival Kit
    • 1 Compass
    • 1 Emergency Whistle
    • 1 Emergency Blanket by Coghlan's
    • 1 BIC Brand Butane Disposable Lighter
    • 1 Magnesium Fire Starter with Flint Striker
    • 40 Waterproof Matches by Coghlan's
    • 1 Live Fire Sport Emergency Fire Starter
    • 50 Inches of Duct Tape
    • 1 Bottle of Water Purification Tablets by Coghlan's
    • 2 Chemical Light Sticks by Coghlan's
    • 2 BIC Brand Ball Point Pens
    • 1 Pad of Paper
    • 1 Set of Earplugs
    Echo-Sigma Runner
  • 1 Echo-Sigma Compact First Aid Kit
    • 1 4" scissors
    • 1 3" tweezers
    • 1 first aid card
    • 20 plastic bandages
    • 12 alcohol swabs
    • 10 wet wipes
    • 10 antiseptic swabs
    • 3 sting relief swabs
    • 4 pain relief tablets
    • 2 3"x3" sterile gauze pads
    • 1 2"x5yd. gauze roll
    • 1 5"x9" sterile abdominal dressing
    • 1 0.5"x2.5yd. roll of tape
    • 1 disposable CPR faceshield
    • Access to 14 exclusive online training videos
    Echo-Sigma Compact First Aid Kit
  • 1 Emergency Poncho
  • 1 Pair Work Gloves
  • 2 N95 Rated Respirator Masks
  • 1 Set of Protective Goggles
  • 2 Hand Warmers by Coghlan's
"This is, literally, a life-saver you carry with you. I can’t recommend their gear enough. And that’s as honest as I can get. I’m impressed."
-- American Cop Magazine, Editors Pick

"Echo-Sigma can make a huge difference when the going gets nasty... It's a bit of insurance that no one should be without."
-- Recoil Magazine




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9 Reviews

  • 5
    Even better than expected

    Posted by Scott Wright on 30th Mar 2017

    Excellent Purchase - should not have waited so long to make it!

  • 4
    High quality build!

    Posted by Damion on 18th Dec 2016

    I've been looking for a kit that my wife and I could keep at our desks at work. It had to be small, easily stowed, shelf-stable, and offer everything we'd need to get home from the office after a disaster. For that purpose, this is absolutely the kit! A thoughtful and useful kit that will give you just about everything you need (and nothing you don't) to survive a rough hike home. The only thing missing is a small radio, but there's room for it in the pack, and with that minor addition, this kit is perfect.

  • 5
    Very pleased!

    Posted by Ben on 9th Dec 2015

    I got this for my girlfriend, who is an officer in the National Guard. She's very happy. Immediately after I gave it to her, she went on her drill weekend and the other officers liked it too. She says she's happy with the variety of items and how useful they are; the quality of the items, and the quantity. She keeps it in her car when she's not carrying it; and she points out that the usefulness is the best part--it's small enough to carry on a day hike, and if she needs a flashlight or something out of it, it's right there. She'll not only take it out, but it's right there to put it back. When she needs it, she has it--and that's the most important part of any piece of emergency gear.

  • 5
    Top Quality, Well Thought Out Bag!

    Posted by John on 23rd Nov 2014

    Bought this bag to be used as a "Get Home Bag". Top quality, well thought out bag.
    There are hundreds of web sights selling bug out/72 hour bags, most are filled with cheap, filler items. Echo Sigma bags are "Top Quality", every item serves a purpose.
    I was very pleased with the bag and its contents, and the free life straw water filter was an added bonus.
    I plan to buy another Echo Sigma bag as a Christmas Gift.

  • 5
    Piece of mind in my office drawer

    Posted by Mike on 24th Jun 2014

    This is a no brainer to just throw in my office drawer and know that I have what I need to get me home. It is an “essentials” version of the get-home-bag that I am confident will be sufficient to meet the needs of a knowledgeable individual in covering a day or so walk.
    Thoughtful selection, great and prompt service, quality equipment for the task.

  • 5
    The ultimate insurance policy

    Posted by Joel A. on 27th Jan 2014

    This was my first purchase from E-S. I based my decision on the reviews provided by other customers. I could not be happier. This is an outstanding system that is the ultimate insurance policy for anyone preparing for a bad situation. Light, compact, and durable, this is a fantastic system that can easily be attached to your bug out bag or tactical vest. The individual items are high quality. The pack is assembled for you in the perfect set up. E-S has earned itself a permanent customer.

  • 5
    My Second Purchase from E-S.

    Posted by Eric H. on 10th Jan 2014

    I purchaed a GHB from E-S a couple of months back (see my review of the GHB). Two weeks before my wife's birthday she tells me, "you have a bag---do I get one?" Yes, sweetie, you do...and the folks at E-S made sure it arrived on time!

    Her primary concern was pack weight. Enter the E-S Runner. The Runner is exactly what she needed! It is slim and lightweight, but contains everything she will likely need to be secure in an uncertain environment. More importantly, she loves it and now calls it her "favorite present." Guess I did all right... Thanks Echo-Sigma!

  • 5
    Hopefully you don't need this, but........

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Sep 2013

    As someone who needed to get an emergency bag put together, but have limited time - family, work, etc...This is the perfect play. I added in some other stuff I had at home to complete it.

    Selling points:

    High quality, they assemble the bag, don't need to think too much, great value/bang-for-buck.

    Like I said, hopefully we never need this, but if we do I feel ready.

    How can you go wrong for less than $150 DELIVERED....?

  • 5
    Perfect for the quick bug out.

    Posted by Sincitymx on 7th Sep 2013

    Everything was better than described, no guessing just the essentials. will purchase more in the future

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