Why You Need Water in Your Emergency Kit

Why You Need Water in Your Emergency Kit

More and more frequently, we see emergency kits being marketed that do not include a supply of pre-packaged, long term storage emergency drinking water.  Usually the kit will include items like a water filter and/or purification tablets leaving us with the assumption that you are expected to be able to find a source of water for yourself should an emergency arise.

At Echo-Sigma we believe that this is a very bad idea.  When you invest in a high quality emergency kit, you're doing so because you don't know exactly what's going to happen.  There are enough variables that come into play during an emergency that eliminating such an important tool from the very beginning can dangerously limit your options and put you in a tough spot depending on the scenario.  Let's look at a few reasons why you want to keep water stored in your kit at all times.


If you live in an arid climate such as the American South West, it's entirely possible that you won't be able to find any treatable water nearby when things go sideways.  Let's say that your vehicle breaks down along a dusty stretch of road and you have no signal bars on your cell phone, what will you have to do?  You'll have to hoof it.  If you're scrounging around for water, you're not making your way to safety.  If you're not making your way to safety you could get caught out in some weather or night may make the journey treacherous.  

You need to keep your energy up in case you run into these guys...


Water filters have come a long way in form and function over the years, but they are not yet magic wands.  There is only so much that a filter or tablets can do in order to make a water source safe to drink.  In a flood, you shouldn't make any attempt to clean and drink the flood water due to contamination from pesticides, fertilizers, chemicals and heavy metals that the water collects as is washes the land.  Filters and tablets will not make flood water safe to drink!  You should only use filters or tablets on water found in naturally occurring bodies of water (creeks, lakes, etc).  Even then there are no guarantees.  If possible, use the water that you 100% know is safe to drink (that you brought with you).

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Depending on the scenario, you may have more pressing needs than foraging for treatable water.  If a family member needs assistance or it's simply not safe to move too far away from your location, searching for water may simply not be an option for you.  Having your own supply of drinkable water will expand your options when it comes to how to handle a given emergency.  Having your own supply allows you to more effectively shelter in place and wait out the troubles should that present itself as an effective option.  If all you have is a filter and an empty bottle, you'll be pressed into a possibly more dangerous situation.

Go to the Superdome they said, there's water they said.

Every Echo-Sigma emergency kit comes stocked with a best-in-industry amount of long term storage potable water.  We also offer an assortment of what we call "Provision Packs", boxes of food and water served at just the right ratio so that you can stack them high and deep and be assured of not falling short in one area or another.

Don't get us wrong, filters and tablets are an invaluable tool in your safety arsenal in case of emergency!  We just think that it's important to keep all of your options open in case of emergency.  Find yourself a pre-built kit with enough water to get you through any emergency right HERE!

17th Jun 2015 Jack Nouri

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