Good Golly Miss MOLLE

Good Golly Miss MOLLE

One thing that sets apart Echo-Sigma Emergency Systems is our extensive use of MOLLE (pronounced Molly) compatible packs and pouches in our designs.  So what is MOLLE and what does it do? Let's have a look.

MOLLE stands for "Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment" and is a standard that was originally developed for the military.  They needed a way to assemble different sets of pouches and equipment together in an easy and durable fashion and it looks like they got it right.  The system uses a series of interlocking straps and snaps to firmly secure one item to another.  Typically pouches and accessories to a backpack, vest or other worn garment.  The MOLLE system (also known as PALS) has essentially been adopted by the free world as THE standard for creating modular pack and pouch systems.

Our Bug Out Pack has MOLLE attachment points lining the front and sides for extra options

So what does that mean for you? Why would you possibly want all of that stuff on your backpack anyway?  In a word, "options".  There are all kinds of accessories and add-ons that you can get to augment your system in a way to better suit your current needs and conditions.  Our Compact Survival Kit is MOLLE compatible so you can pull it out of your pack and hang it on the exterior if you'd like to free up some internal pack space to make room for your stamp collection.  Our Compact Trauma Kit has MOLLE attachments so that you can mount it to the outside of your gear.  That way you'll have rapid access to it in case of an emergency.

The compact Rip-Away EMT pouch can be deployed in seconds flat.

Some may argue that using gear that has a "military look" could bring unwanted attention during an emergency.  We believe that the real-world utility far outweighs any possible "OpSec" issues during an emergency.  Besides, you can cut a few holes into a trash bag for the shoulder straps and cover the whole thing up in a jiffy (trash bags come as standard equipment in our Get Home Bags and Bug Out Bags).

22nd Jun 2015 Jack Nouri

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